BIG DATA research for your target market
We think of STRATEGIC planning - and ROI
GLOBAL strategy - LOCAL activity
We help rebuild your BUSINESSPLAN
We create ATL / BTL / TTL solutions
We think of HR - trainings and workshops
We WORK hard - PLAY hard

We are hiring social media managers in Budapest!



We inspire projects that cross borders - and new year's eves :)

BORN Brandcoaching is a Budapest based network of restless business professionals. We are strategic partners of innovative multinationals, operative government companies and startup ecosystem participants. We facilitate research, strategy and action plan executions.

Currently we running projects in:

– New York City
– Dubai
– Budapest

from an idea to a working concept
French stylist, Berlin fashionista, HI-Class fotographer


Marinapart Branding 4500 flats communication and sales support
PDS flyer and sales brochure State of the art flyer
3D video: 800+ unit property 3D Property placement on google maps
BDK – streetlamp error APP Mobile APP strategy design and code
DHL magazine We made the Difference. Literally.
Andrássy út – Fence Fence design and production
HR CRM – HANDBOOK Work - Life balance knowhow
Real Estate Video production 3D CGI + live shots, greenbox..
Wine Branding – China from label to drinking courses
Personal branding in China, Beijing Real estate marketing and sales support
Gallery Branding – Canada Gallery branding: Canada - China
LSGI Hungary – brand building Office buling brand design and production
PM software development Software development division
GYSEV annual report Foto, content, design, print
O2 Logo Logo design process animated
TV spot, Packaging – pharma Sager Pharma - partnership


Companies that approaches us are:
Satisfied with the current agency / designer
Exactly know their business plan
Launching a new brand, product or company
Leaders of those companies
Want a better website
Know that it needs to be advertised somehow
Sure of its ROI needs



Concurrency checking. Where do you position yourself on your market? You leading or you following? Are you sure? (more…)


Process management network analyze. Every importaint information goes to the right place on time?


How to get things done. A System that helps you say no – and still deliver.


Helicopter view – you drive, we show you the map. How deep is the organizational strategy thinking you guide?


Is a great word. just as creative. it all goeas to one direction: well trained thinking methods that makes change. (more…)

Printing House

Silk screen printing and Large format printing is our background. Victor Vasarely’s series were done by us.


Real shootings, TVCs, ID films, Into movies, Music videos, 3D videos, stereo 3D – like the Avatar for real.. Wild stuff.    (more…)


Designing spaces that touches you. Designing Events to remember. Renting out our event tools.

Campaign management

Media optimalisation, Google and Facebook ADs, affiliate sites, weekly monthly reports, and so on…

Buzz monitoring

Facebook, Instagramm, Twitter, Youtube… See what your customers say. ONE by ONE. Prepare for action in general.

Performance Marketing

You pay per KPI, CPS, CPL.. magic words, magic numbers, magic mushroom – Subject: Easter Egg. We get you a Unicorn, write us a mail.

Mobile security

Ethical Hacking, Web based app penetration testing, Mobile app security, Security and HR.


Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.

Frank Chimero, Designer

The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness.

Massimo Vignelli, Architect

Technology over technique produces emotionless design.

Daniel Mall, Technologist

A camel is a horse designed by a committee.

Sir Alec Issigonis, Designer

Being a famous designer is like being a famous dentist.

Noreen Morioka, Client


Annamária Szántó-Turcsán

Marketing strategy director - BORN

Black belt strategist, from the deepest wilderness of the multi world. Strong control freakness behind the kind smiles..

Gregory Egedi

Founder/CEO - BORN

Various personalities for various solutions. Its okay if you dont get it. Its not you its me.

Bálint Füleki

Founder/Partner - Mobilsofa

Gergely Tóth

Founder/Partner - Kimera Film Productions

Ask me about TV series. Story writing, Film Direction and production. Above 500 – video clip production, makes it hard not to answer well :)

Tímea Gémes

Partner - Artist management

Pharmacy marketing specialist – product development, Artist management

Dániel Tiszeker

Director/Partner - Fanatics Film

Gábor Mayer

Head of Code - BORN

The invisible force betveen the source of every code is the cohesive power that develops by the years of experience. Born is lucky to have him on board.

Edina Németh

Founder/Partner - Edinas Paper installations

From the tiny things to enormous installations… Take a needle, a thread and loads of paper and Edina : You will have a window decoration, a whole night event design glam or a wedding set up in the most extraordinary beautiful way, hailed all over the media in no time…

László Wéninger

Senior Project Manager - BORN

Professional project management

Organization development advisory

Petra Latkovics

Finance and Project Manager - BORN

Brigitta Nemetz

Project Manager - BORN

Viktória Kiss

Graphic designer - BORN

Tamás Hundt

Microsoft Office specialist / trainer - BORN

Do you have trouble sometimes in Excel? in word? or powerpoint? Guess what: he does not. (just imagine… :))

Hatem Riahi

Senior Graphic designer-consultant - BORN

Graphic deisgn and Animation: ATL, BTL, ONLINE, OFFLINE, EVENT. ever needed a concept thats executable and fresh? And less errors than last time? well.. Thats him.

Csaba Hartmann

IT security, Ethical hacking trainer/Partner - BORN

Think of this triangle: People – Policy – Technology.  One of them is vulnerable in your organisation as well. I will tell you wich one, and how to fix that.

Zsuzsa Varga

Printing House Manager - BORN

Silk screen printing in 600 m2… makes loads of issues to manage :)

Denes Nagy

Creative Project Manager

Building Brands, Sales Support, HR Marketing, Events and Client Management. Nowadays deeper and deeper in WordPress.

Balázs Tóth

Performance Marketing (& Zen) Guru - BORN

“i want guns. loads of guns” THE MATRIX.  i wanted it. its downloaded.

Rob Kadelka

Creative Consultant - BORN

Hackatons, Private Startup event organisation, Molbile specialist, Moscow, London, Berlin.

We are hiring

Account manager - BORN

In Budapest Office

We are Mobilsofa friends. Mobilsofa is a strategic partner of ours in event design and execution.

Since 2009 we support TEDx – we owned the first licence of TEDxBudapest in Hungary.


We won 2 awards by 2 different billboards in one year – community category, independent adverisement.


Honored to keep lectures on “how to brief a designer” to the brand managers of the future.


It was a pleasure to see you on our website!

We would like to underline, after all that you have seen, that we never understood the institute of “contact forms” and we actually have this one here running only out of unstoppable non conformism and as a subtile experiment. Please just call us if anything is up – yes, business wise as well. Cheers to that :)

1072 Klauzál tér 9
+36 (1) 26 96 500




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