Printing House

Silk screen printing and Large format printing is our background. Victor Vasarely’s series were done by us.

35 years ago we started to run a small printing shop behind our kitchens backdoor… Now we have a 300 M2 + space, full of analog machines, cutting, gold foiling, shape cutting, bending, embossing machines. We have some pre made cutting shapes for flyers, stickers and sales brochure folders as well. Its a real old fashioned lovely place, not changing its location approximately 30 years ago. Tough we bought a big format printer lately that prints photographic quality, on various kinds of paper, 110 cm wide by 56 m long..

A few products that we produce 

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Invitation cards
  • Restaurant menus
  • Memorial books
  • Security tickets
  • Reproductions
  • Wine labels