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Have you seen a lot of not working streetlights lately? no? well, it might be becouse of the assistance of our mobile application. :)

Our client BDK is responsible for most of the streetlights maintenance in Budapest. We approached them with an idea to produce a mobile APP that would be downloadable by every citizen, and by GEOcoordinates and a photograph it would report the problem more precisely than a usual phonecall… So we created the app, for IOS, ANDroid, and Windows phone – mobileweb version, than connected the app with an interface that displays all the errors that has been reported, connected that with the actual IT system, than produced a TV commercial, Billboard, and 1/1 magazine ads and copywrighting, to let the people know that the app is a new way to help your self out of the dark streets. The app is still working, and we are developing new features to have status feedback for a user – let them see  how far is the procedure real time.